Carolyn Zutler

Artist Statement

According to theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli, “Time is an illusion: our naive perception of its flow doesn’t correspond to physical reality.” Time is not sequential. I can’t comprehend theoretical physics but my experience of the occurrence of events as more a folding, weaving or random spiraling. Events occur and reoccur triggered by location, smell, or quality of light. 

My work is an exploration of events and experiment in how to convey a non-sequential experience of life.

Artist Bio

Carolyn Zutler has a bachelor’s degree in Dance Therapy and a master of science in Health Administration. During years of working with nonprofit health related agencies she pursued her personal love of art with fiber and textiles. She began formal art education by auditing her son’s printmaking classes in order to understand his work. This led to community college art classes in printmaking, drawing, and painting. She is currently working on a master of arts in studio art at CSU Fresno. Zutler was born, raised and has lived most of her life in Fresno, California. Her work indicates the strong connection between sense of self and sense of place.Where is the separation between sense of place and sense of self? My life is grounded in my home town, rooted in the bones and stories of my family. The body memories that signify home define me. My work focuses on this interest and explores memory and the illusion of sequential time.