Dan Heskamp

Artist Statement

These works were created after I moved across the United States from Schaumburg, Illinois to Visalia, California. In an effort to better understand my new environment I took clippings from various flora found within my backyard. Over the course of one month I illustrated a different plant clipping each day. After fifteen days I started over again drawing the same clippings after they began to decompose. These serigraphs were created by combining my interest in traditional botanical illustration, catholic imagery from my childhood, as well as digital patterning. 

Artist Bio

Dan Heskamp is from the Chicagoland area where they received their Bachelor of Fine Art from Northern Illinois University in 2012 and their Masters of Fine Art from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 2016. They have worked as a gallery assistant, professional photographer, and screenprinting technician. Currently they work as an instructor of art for College of the Sequoias and California State University – Stanislaus in California. Their recent studies are focused in printmaking, illustration, and digital media. Heskamp’s artwork has received various awards, has been published and exhibited nationally as well as internationally in countries such as Italy, Egypt and New Zealand. 

Website: www.danheskamp.com

Instagram: @danheskamp

Phone: 815-403-3441