Jared M. Barbick

Jared M. Barbick, born in 1976, was raised in Palos Verdes, in Southern California. Educated at both the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) and self-taught, Barbick’s work has transversed various mediums and subjects over the years as he moved from Southern California to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and back where he has made a home for the last 10 years in the central valley – Fresno – with his wife and two cats.

Artist Statement

Today, most of Barbick’s works are inspired by environmentalism and conservationism. The works strive to raise awareness and consciousness of the animals who inhabit our world and who share their lives with our own. He is known for creating captivating images that draw the audience in through the remarkable work with animal expressions as illustrated in the work “The Fire” and “Wonderment.” Most recently, his woodblock prints have addressed social/political issues through prints such as “Molding Monsters,” “Morning Commute,” “Who’s Next?,” and “Una Nueva Vida Prohibida,” as well as addressing complicated animal rights issues found in works such as “Dangers to the North Atlantic Right Whale,” “Hanging in the Balance” and “After Charging Through the Darkness.”

Gallery of Work