Linda Zupcic

Linda Zupcic was raised in Southern California. When she got older she fled to the San Francisco Bay Area and Mills College, where she received her BA in Studio Arts, but also discovered a knack for foreign language acquisition. She left for Spain the year she graduated to try her hand at teaching ESL, planning never to return to the US. She took along a sketchbook and her guitar. Having a typical artist’s temperament, she realized teaching was not her forté. She also longed to be able to walk into a supermarket and buy a jar of peanut butter off the shelf, so after three years she decided to return to the Bay Area, where she worked as a chimney sweep for the first six months while gradually entering the world of graphic design, working as production artist, illustrator, and art director for various years. She tried to transition from fine artist to graphic artist, but never quite got the hang of working for clients and disliked spending hours in front of a computer. A self-proclaimed luddite, she describes herself as anti-social and prefers to stay on her five-acre home in the Central Sierra foothills, working in her studio or tending to the property, where she keeps chickens and grows vegetables. She is also a member of the California Society of Printmakers and of Fig Tree Gallery in Fresno, California.

Artist Statement

My favorite art class was figure drawing. The teacher would set the spots on the model for greatest dramatic effect, and I was always looking for the subtleties in the shadow, the darkest core of dark, and the contrast of a brightly lit edge. I never thought I would do landscapes — I was always hanging out in cafes sketching people. But I appreciate a bold graphic, and when I look at the land around me I especially notice shadows and light and how those two elements define everything. I still look for the sharpest contrasts and the subtleties within the darks. I’ve never worked toward a message, just a moment. 

Gallery of Work