Peili Huang

Artist Bio:

Peili Huang was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Since 2016, she began her artistic creation. Although her major creation media is Mezzotint, Peili is interested in innovative things. Therefore, she also uses various media materials for her works, such as Collagraphy, Carborundum, and Lithography.

Peili’s art has been exhibited worldwide, including juried, group, and solo exhibitions. Moreover, her works were collected by some museums in Spain, Russia, and the USA.


Artist Statement

For Peili, the Mezzotint is the medium to describe the impression of time; she uses the realistic feature of Mezzotint to describe the beautiful thing in memory. Moreover, the media and technique of Collagraphy, Carborundum, and lithography is her way to enjoy the free rein of imagination!