Shara Mercado Poole

Artist Statement

My work critically examines the ways in which unrealistic societal expectations and pressures are set and maintained based on consumer culture within the capitalist structure.  I see all my work as self-portraiture, most recently with a focus on the Millennial plight.  I offset mundane Warholesque bananas and stamped out cigarette butts with the childlike whimsy of Froot Loops and piñatas to pose questions about the definition of true adulthood and human milestones. The idea that we are the things we consume and surround ourselves with permeate my work along with a sense of humor that I find useful in opening engagement on larger social topics.  


Artist Bio

California native, Shara Mercado Poole, employs various printmaking techniques to create works that are simultaneously beautiful and disquieting.  Her work is a reflection upon the social expectations that come along with motherhood, adulthood, being a “good” Latina, and chasing the American dream.  A surreal blend of memento mori pop art and portraiture through everyday objects her work employs a punk-informed sensibility combined with a sense of humor reminiscent of a classic Sunday comics section.  

Always with an eye for aesthetics, Shara worked as a branding consultant and project manager before returning to school to study fine art. She graduated Cum Laude from California State University, Sacramento and is now a Masters candidate at Fresno State University. 


Instagram: @shara_was_here