Shara Poole

California based artist, Shara Mercado Poole, works primarily within the medium of printmaking to create dynamically quiet works that pose questions about memory, history, and the fragility of existence.  She was born in the agricultural-industrial region of California’s Central Valley where she has recently returned after a 15-year expatriation.  She obtained an A.S. in General Science and A.A. in Studio Art from American River College and B.A. in Studio Art from California State University, Sacramento. A lifelong student, she is currently in the graduate program at Fresno State.  

Artist Statement

With origins in the preservation of thoughts, ideas, and events, I am inspired by printmaking’s inherent connections to time and memory. In my work, I explore themes of loss, remembrance, and existence while employing various combinations of traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques which work to simultaneously omit and augment details. My subjects, stoic silhouettes, faceless and ghoulish, often find themselves dissolving into a misty atmosphere of dust motes and stardust or merging into the emptiness of blank paper.