Ted Shaine

I was born in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, NY in 1947. While attending Lincoln High School in Brooklyn I learned the craft of printmaking from my mentor and chairman of the art department Leon Friend. I then attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and graduated with a BFA in 1968. My graphic work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. My current prints have been recognized in several juried international and national competitions. All of the proceeds of the sales of my work now go to funding The Ted Shaine Scholarship in Memory of Leon Friend at the Pratt Institute. Today, I have returned to my roots as a printmaker and recently have created prints that celebrate the culture and history of where I was raised in New York. I now reside in Florida with my wife of 36 years.

Gallery of Work:

Artist Statement

I work exclusively in linoleum prints and woodcuts.

My recent goal has been to incorporate more color in what to me has always been a black and white medium. I always thought that the drama of black and white worked beautifully in prints.

Since I hand print all of my work it’s been a great challenge but I’m excited by the results I’m achieving in the past few months.

I’ve been concentrating on endangered animals as a theme this summer. The loss of habitat caused by the massive fires and floods I’ve witnessed here and around the world this year made me focus on animals we share the earth with.

The subjects are difficult to carve due to their texture but I’m getting more prolific and I’m enjoying it completely.

I still enjoy doing landscapes and cityscapes as well as human portraiture.

The craft, the tools, the ink and paper still capture my imagination.