Victoria Bilogan

Artist Bio

Engaged in printmaking, drawing, painting and book illustration. Born in Odessa,Victoria graduated with a double degree in arts and music performance in Ukraine followed up by further degrees of Masters in Piano Performance and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from The University of Melbourne,VCA. She confirmed her PhD candidacy in 2011, Adelaide University.

The distinct quality in her work is inextricably linked with and informed by her parallel career as a musician:her versatility allowed her to combine the career of solo classical pianist and  in 1994-2003 Victoria was an art director and recording artist with platinum record B2 band (Sony Music, 2000). Her graduation work was selected for Australia in Japan Art Council Exchange, Tokyo Fine Arts Academy (2006). First prize in Second Edition Venice Printmaking Competition resulted in collaboration with Artevisione and Atelier 3+10 in Venice,Italy (2018). Explorations of the Human condition, specifically connectedness and isolation are the main themes of her art. The idea of the collective subconscious inspires her vision of Humankind as a meta organism drawing on the dynamics that unites us, not divides us.

Large scale monochrome works capture the intense moments of existence, our emergence from a state of non-Being into the blissful and transient state of Being and Becoming. “Art for me is a way of being, of thinking and connecting to people and to the world. I think the real power of art is when as an artist I can say:” what you feel is valid and I feel it with you…” I may not save the world but touch people on a deep level that will change something.” 

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Artist Statement

HOW- I like exploring the inner horizons of the human psyche and outer horizons we set and travel to. Both the ego and the shadow, to own it and experience the joy of being by being whole. My practice involves image making, words and incorporates sound at least as an initial inspiration. I work with what I have. I work with the materials which, often dictate what image will develop. Working with Mezzotint and aquatint I often use faults and mistakes of the chemical process of etching to enhance the final image. The result is the surprise of that alchemy that is only possible in intaglio and manual printing. Woodcuts and linocuts making is a physical process resembling a live performance where speed and touch matter in mark making. Its direct correlation with emotion at the time of making, energy put in motion reminds of  playing a piano. The surface often dictates the mark.

WHAT- I see humans as a meta organism sharing the idea of Jungian collective consciousness and seek what unites us, not divides us. What important is moving forward towards the light and embracing our darkness. ”We are not what happened to us” Jung once said. The movement forward is only possible when we acknowledge what happened to us and face the emotions, meet them and let them resurface. Coming from the place of resilience and being able to feel and face all the human emotions and experiences gives us a chance to grow and Become. We only grow and become when we face and process all of the emotions. Transforming from non Being into existence or Being and Becoming.

The question about Evolution and adaptation is important for species survival. The themes of survival as a  woman and as a human are important to me. The biggest experiment of all times we are participating in now, is online digital technology of which psychological and neurological results are yet to be known. Online life, toxicity of the outside world, both emotional and physical as well as technology as a tool that keeps us connected when previously it was keeping us apart- a new phenomenon worth exploring. Personal catastrophe becomes global. We are wired to connect yet we are more isolated than ever: we experience paradoxical Isolation in the age of ultimate digital connectivity. Right now we live in the world of toxicity where a mask is a defense and symbol of protection from outside dangers. Our ecology is closely connected to emotional ecology. Where we go and how to keep our Humanity? Breakdown is a breakthrough.